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A Stratego Bibliography

The original publication on Stratego appeared in ICFP'981 and introduced named rewrite rules and a language of strategy combinators with an operational semantics. An important aspect of the design of Stratego is the separation of the language in a core language2 of strategy combinators and a high-level 'sugar' language of rewrite rules that can be desugared to the core language. This is still the way that the Stratego compiler is organized.

The original also introduced contextual terms. These where eventually replaced by dynamic rewrite rules3. The paper about dynamic rules3 also provides a comprehensive overview of Stratego and its operational semantics.

Stratego and its ecosystem are described in a number of system description papers, including Stratego 0.54, Stratego/XT 0.165, Stratego/XT 0.176

Recently, a gradual type system was designed for Stratego7. This design and its incremental compiler8 are the basis for the Stratego2 version of the language.


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