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Install Spoofax from Source

Perform a manual build and installation of cutting-edge Spoofax from source, by first cloning the Git repository:

git clone
git clone
gh repo clone metaborg/spoofax-releng


  1. Using a terminal, navigate to the root of the spoofax-releng repository.
  2. (Optional.) Generate a new Maven ~/.m2/settings.xml with the Spoofax repository information.

    ./b gen-mvn-settings

    This will overwrite your existing ~/.m2/settings.xml file!

  3. Invoke the following command to build Spoofax and its submodules and meta-languages:

    ./b build all
  4. (Optional.) Generate a new Eclipse instance with the Spoofax plugin embedded into it:

    ./b gen-eclipse --destination

Last update: July 3, 2024
Created: July 3, 2024