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Spoofax 2.5.3 (02-05-2019)

Spoofax 2.5.3 is a minor release with bugfixes, performance improvements, and new small and/or experimental features.



  • Added support for getting the selected term in Stratego builders/transformations. In the builder tuple (node, _, ast, path, projectPath), the first term (node) is now the selected term when a builder is executed in the context of an editor with a selection. The term is selected by finding the outermost term that has an origin that fits in the selection.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented source transformations from being run if context or analysis were missing.
  • Changed constraint analyzer to support more multi-file scenarios.


  • Added an incremental variant of the JSGLR2 parser (experimental).


  • Improved preformance of AST resolution lookups.

Statix (experimental)

  • Fixed bugs and improved performance.


  • Added a lifecycle mapping that adds a Spoofax nature to an imported spoofax-project.


Eclipse plugin

Premade Eclipse installations

With embedded JRE:

Without embedded JRE:

Update site

  • Eclipse update site:
  • Eclipse update site archive

IntelliJ plugin

  • IntelliJ update site:
  • IntelliJ update site archive

Command-line utilities

Core API

  • Spoofax Core Uber JAR
  • Spoofax Core uber Maven artifact: org.metaborg:org.metaborg.spoofax.core.uber:2.5.3


Maven artifacts

Maven artifacts can be found on our artifact server. The Maven version used for this release is 2.5.3.

Last update: May 31, 2024
Created: May 31, 2024