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Project Configuration

This page describes the configuration options in a metaborg.yaml file of a Spoofax project (i.e., a project that uses a Spoofax language definition).



All options under the runtime.statix options configure the behavior of the Statix solver in this project. The available options are:

Option Values Default Description
test-log none|error|warn|info|debug|trace none Executing an stxtest will emit logging with the specified level in the Eclipse Console.
suppress-cascading-errors true|false true When set to true, the solver will not emit messages for constraints that could not be solved due to other constraints failing.
message-trace-length An integer 0 The number of constraints in the causation trace to print below the error message. -1 prints the full trace.
message-term-depth An integer 3 The depth in which terms are printed inside an error message. For deeper terms, and ellipsis is printed. -1 prints infinite terms.

In addition, there is a modes parameter, which manages the solver modes in this project. This parameter contains subnodes consisting of a language name as key, and either traditional (default), concurrent of incremental as value. This setting overrides the default solver mode set by the language definition.

The Statix segment of an configuration file can look as follows.

    test-log: debug
    suppress-cascading-errors: true
    message-trace-length: 4
    message-term-depth: -1
      MyLang: concurrent

Last update: May 17, 2023
Created: May 17, 2023