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Spoofax is an open source project. We welcome contributions from the community.

Spoofax is developed by the TU Delft Programming Languages group. We do our best to make Spoofax usable by everyone and to help you when you encounter issues. However, our resources are limited, so please be patient.

  I have a question

The search functionality of this documentation should bring you right to a relevant How-to or Reference page.

If this doesn't answer your question, please join us in the SLDE/#spoofax-users Slack channel and ask your question there. To get access, drop us a line.

Please do not make an issue with your question on the Github repository.

  I found a bug

Search the Issues to ensure the bug has not been reported before.

If the bug is new, open a new issue with a clear title and description. Please indicate:

  • what you did (i.e., how to reproduce),
  • what you expected to happen,
  • what actually happened,
  • what version of Spoofax and Eclipse you are using, and
  • any logs, exceptions, and stack traces relevant to the bug.

Try to include as much relevant information as you have. For example, a code sample or executable test case are very helpful.

Getting the Spoofax and Eclipse version

In Eclipse, go to the Spoofax (meta) menu, and click Report issue. Copy the displayed version information from this dialog into your issue.

  I wrote a patch with a cosmetic change

Please do not submit pull requests for cosmetic changes, such as whitespace and formatting changes.

  I wrote a patch with a bug fix

Thank you! Please open a GitHub pull request with the patch.

  I wrote a patch that adds a new feature or changes an existing one

Please open an issue first, so we can discuss the change.

  I want to contribute to the documentation or test suite

Thank you! Please open a GitHub pull request with the patch.

Thank you for your contributions!

— The Spoofax Team

Last update: July 3, 2024
Created: July 3, 2024