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Directory structure migration (March 2016)

To clean up the structure of a language specification project, we've made the following changes:

  • ESV
    • Main ESV file must be at editor/Main.esv. If it does not exist, no packed ESV file will be generated.
    • Packed ESV file: target/metaborg/
  • SDF
    • The RTG and signatures files are no longer generated for SDF3 projects, since SDF3 generates its own signatures.
    • The generated box pp files are no longer generated, and box pp files are no longer converted into files.
    • Definition: src-gen/syntax/[LanguageName].def
    • Permissive definition: src-gen/syntax/[LanguageName]-permissive.def
    • Parenthesizer: src-gen/pp/[LanguageName]-parenthesize.str
    • Parse table: target/metaborg/sdf.tbl
  • Stratego
    • 'editor-common.generated' file: src-gen/stratego/metaborg.str
    • Ctree: target/metaborg/stratego.ctree
    • Generated Java files: src-gen/stratego-java
    • JAR: target/metaborg/stratego.jar
    • Java strategies: src/main/strategies
    • Java strategies JAR: target/metaborg/stratego-javastrat.jar
    • Build cache: target/stratego-cache
  • DynSem
    • Manual Java: src/main/ds
    • Generated Java: src-gen/ds-java
  • Other
    • Pluto build cache: target/pluto

To migrate your project, make the following changes:

  • Change the file name of the main ESV file to Main.esv, and change its module to Main.
  • In the main ESV file:
    • Change the parse table:
      table : target/metaborg/sdf.tbl
    • Change the Stratego providers
      • For ctree projects:
        provider : target/metaborg/stratego.ctree
      • For jar projects:
        provider : target/metaborg/stratego.jar
      • For projects with Java strategies: esv provider : target/metaborg/stratego.jar provider : target/metaborg/stratego-javastrat.jar
  • In all Stratego, NaBL, TS files
    • Instead of importing lib/editor-common.generated, import stratego/metaborg.
    • Instead of importing include/<langname>-parenthesize, import pp/<langname>-parenthesize.
    • If you're using SDF3:
      • Instead of importing the signatures from include/<langname>, import them from signatures/<langname>-sig. These signatures are spread over multiple files, import all the required files to fix errors, since the Stratego editor does not handle transitive imports. You can also use the wildcard import signatures/- to import all signature files, if your syntax definition is not spread over multiple directories.
    • If you're using SDF2 or an external definition file:
      • Instead of importing the signatures from include/<langname>, import them from signatures/<langname>.
  • If your project has Java strategies:
    • Create the src/main/strategies directory.
    • Move Java strategies from editor/java into the src/main/strategies directory. Be sure to preserve the existing Java package structure.
  • If your project has manual DynSem Java files:
    • Create the src/main/ds directory.
    • Move manual DynSem Java files from editor/java into the src/main/ds directory. Be sure to preserve the existing Java package structure.
  • Perform a Maven update by right clicking the project and choosing Maven ‣ Update Project.... Enable Force Update of Snapshots/Releases in the new window and press Ok. This updates the Java source directories of the project.
  • If you are still using SDF2 instead of SDF3, add the following setting to the metaborg.yaml file:
        version: sdf2

Last update: May 31, 2024
Created: May 31, 2024