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Spoofax 2.5.8 (28-04-2020)

Spoofax 2.5.8 includes several bugfixes and improvements.



  • The Java version of sdf2table is now slightly faster and takes up less peak memory due to improvements in writing away the parsetable to file.
  • The old (Aster based) version of make-permissive (to add error recovery to your grammar) used to be called in a way that create a small memory leak, which would compound over time with subsequent builds. This is has now been fixed. The old version of make-permissive is only in effect if you use sdf2table: c in your metaborg.yaml file.


  • Add two experimental variants to the JSGLR2 parser: recovery and recovery-incremental.
  • Add Unicode support to the JSGLR1 and JSGLR2 parsers. The meta-languages themselves do not support Unicode yet, because they are bootstrapped with and old version of SDF3. However, other languages built with Spoofax can use Unicode.
  • Add logging to the JSGLR2 parser. Configure by setting language.sdf.jsglr2-logging to all, none, minimal, parsing or recovery in metaborg.yaml.

Programmatic API

  • TermFactory for building Stratego terms now supports a builder for lists that creates an arraylist-like structure instead of the standard linkedlist-like structure. This is typically more efficient for building stratego list terms in Java.
  • Add org.spoofax.terms.util.TermUtils class with functions for working with terms. This replaces the equivalent (now deprecated) functions in org.spoofax.interpreter.core.Tools.


  • Improve error message location when scopes are used as term indices.
  • Dropped support for polymorphism, which was unsound.
  • Small improvements to solver performance.
  • Add support for external calls for language with Stratego JAR compilation.


  • Ability to automatically generate <statix-signature-generator>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} Statix signatures from SDF3 specifications.
  • Add support for importing other modules in Statix specifications.
  • Add support for custom messages, and a try construct for warnings and notes.
  • Add support for adding multiple values to AST properties.
  • Improve disunification support in the solver.
  • Extend reserved keywords to fix parsing problems.
  • Several smaller bugfixes.


  • Fixed several issues with files not being released properly, causing file I/O errors on Windows.


Eclipse plugin

Premade Eclipse installations

With embedded JRE:

Without embedded JRE:

Update site

  • Eclipse update site:
  • Eclipse update site archive

IntelliJ plugin

  • IntelliJ update site:
  • IntelliJ update site archive

Command-line utilities

Core API

  • Spoofax Core Uber JAR
  • Spoofax Core uber Maven artifact: org.metaborg:org.metaborg.spoofax.core.uber:2.5.8


Maven artifacts

Maven artifacts can be found on our artifact server. The Maven version used for this release is 2.5.8.

Last update: April 19, 2024
Created: April 19, 2024