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Spoofax vNext

These are the release notes for the upcoming version of Spoofax.

See the corresponding migration guide for migrating from Spoofax vPrev to Spoofax vNext.



  • Add new primitives for term index handling
  • SG_index_more_ast: Add indices to terms without index
  • SG_get_max_ast_index: retrieve largest index in AST
  • SG_reindex_ast: Give all nodes a fresh index. Also returns map of old index to new index.


The guava library is no longer a direct dependency. It is still a transitive dependency through guice.

The following dependencies were updated:

  • 26.0 -> 31.1
  • -> 1.0.1. Added because guava needs it.


32-bit binary support

  • Remove sdf2table and implodePT dependencies on CoreUtils.
  • Print sdf2table and implodePT output to /tmp/sdf2table.log and /tmp/implodePT.log respectively.


  • Lowered memory usage by interning fewer strings.

Stratego 2

  • Improved performance of clean build by reusing more work between compilation and analysis in the editor.
  • Removed support for importing RTree and Stratego 1 files from Stratego 2.


  • Fix bug where failing AST property constraints would emit messages if there was a custom message in the causation chain.

Last update: September 15, 2023
Created: September 15, 2023